Light roast

Light roast or Nordic roast style is a term that’s been popular during the last few years. A light roasted coffee is roasted lighter than what would be considered a medium/dark roast (commercial coffee). The Nordic roasters are known for their light roast, and that is why light roast is referred to as a “Nordic roast”.

Why light roast?

When roasting a coffee you would want to bring out the most flavours possible from the coffee. Roasting a coffee medium or dark reduces the amount of possible flavour notes of the coffee. A good roast means a well developed coffee full of flavours.  A light roast makes the most flavours from the coffee stay, and you can taste where the coffee’s from and how it’s processed.

Light roasted coffee has been very popular during the last few years. More and more roasters are roasting their coffees lighter than lighter. The traditional Italian espresso bean or the french roast is not at all what coffee connoisseur is after. Some people likes to refer to it as a fine stake. A well-done stake would leave a burnt peace of meat without any of the flavours from the origin.

Light roast vs Nordic roast

What is really the difference between light roast and nordic roast? Yes, and no. A few roasters in the North made the Nordic roast popular by roasting their coffees light, but still well-developed. This was the early days of Kaffa, Tim Wendelboe, Koppi and da Matteo. A light roast is literally the grade of roast of the coffee. A light roast does not have to taste good, in fact it can be pretty much tasteless, it can be under-developed. So, should you avoid light roasts? Absolutely not! Just keep in mind that a light roast doesn’t mean a good tasting coffee. There are more factors involved, and high quality green coffee is one of them. Make sure to drink your coffee from roasters you trust, or buy it from people you trust. These days there are coffee subscription boxes that focus entirely on light roasts.

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